Our story

At the end of the Second World War, the optician Simon Pilotte was manager of the lens surfacing workshop at National Optical. As he lived in the Rosemont district, on 24th Avenue, he undertook to open an optician's office near his home to serve his fellow citizens of Rosemont.
He rented a small workshop behind a jewelry store at 4259 rue Beaubien and installed the equipment necessary for the cutting and assembly of glasses. In the evening, after his work at the National Optical, he left with a small suitcase of glasses frames to go to residences and even sometimes to factories to meet professionals of this business. Back on rue Beaubien, he spent part of his night to cutting and assembling glasses for the delivering of the next day.

At the beginning of the 60's, Amédée Nantais was a representative at National Optical, he join Mr. Pilotte and together they bought the jewelry store and opened the PILOTTE-NANTAIS Optical Salon at 4259 rue Beaubien. They quickly built up a clientele that went beyond the Rosemont district and their reputation spread throughout the city. Over the years, many optician students come to do the necessary internships to obtain their optician's license.

Pierre Nantais, Amédée's son, after two years in the frame industry, graduated as an optician in 1973. He joins the team and takes his experience from the elders.

After the retirement of Mr. Pilotte and the sudden death of Mr. Nantais in 1986, Pierre took over the management of the salon with the help of his brother Guy, they reoriented the company. Indeed, with the competition from the major optical store chains, it becomes essential to distinguish oneself by the quality of the products and especially the personalized service. Les deux frères ont transformé le salon en ajoutant des services d'optométriste et de verres de contact.

For several years Auriane, a passionate optician, Rachel and Audrey, qualified optometrists, have been part of the Pilotte Nantais team. L'esprit familial et professionnel de la clinique leur correspond parfaitement, c'était une évidence pour ce trio d'opticiens de reprendre le magasin en 2022.

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